Williamsport-George “Herman” Logue Jr. And George Logue III recently donated the entire brewing system and accessories to the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology’s Brewing and Fermentation Science Program.

Equipment representing the functional design of large-scale industrial brewing systems is used by universities for educational purposes.

Ss Brewtech Stainless Steel, Professional Equipment and Accessories Donations, 1 bbl (Barrel Unit) Brewery System, 4 1 bbl Unitank Units, 3/4 hp Glycol Chiller and 3/8 hp Glycol Chiller It is included.

Herman Logue, a real estate developer / senior construction executive, is a member of the Penns College Foundation Board and is a Foundation event, scholarship, and Dr. Welch Workshop: A Makerspace at Penn College (named after him).

George Logue received a Bachelor of Science degree in Culinary Arts and Systems from Penn College in 2010. He is a member of the University Hospitality Advisory Board and often provides students with a hands-on learning experience at Herman & Luther’s special event venues in Montuasville. He is a co-owner (with Herman) and an executive chef at Herman & Luther’s.

“Thanks to Herman and George Logue for this generous gift, which allows brewing and fermentation laboratories to recreate the procedures and features found in many commercial breweries,” said Davie Jane Gilmour. The president says. “This device will benefit students looking for a career in the craft beer industry of nearly $ 30 billion.”

“We are very pleased to be able to support the University of Pennsylvania, especially the hospitality program,” said Harman Log. “The university and these programs have made significant contributions to revitalizing downtown Williamsport. There are some of the best restaurants and craft beer breweries in the state in our area. Graduates are associated with most graduates, not only in hospitality, but also in construction management, marketing, etc. “

“I am grateful for the tools and education that the University of Pennsylvania has given me during my stay,” said George Log. “I am pleased to offer future students the opportunity to use other equipment that may help them find employment after graduation.”

Timothy L. Yarrington, an instructor of brewing and fermentation science at Pen College, said the donated equipment is of industrial grade quality and features, taking a new dimension in student learning at the university’s brewing and fermentation labs. I said I would add it.

“The brewing equipment generously donated by Logues greatly enhances the hands-on experience of brewing certificate students,” said Yarrington. “With this state-of-the-art, low-volume brewing equipment, students can use the same sophisticated operational design and process control techniques found in almost every large, modern commercial brewing facility to achieve the essence of brewing science. Principles can be explored. “

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A local family donates a brewing system to Pen College’s brewing and fermentation science program | Education

Source link A local family donates a brewing system to Pen College’s brewing and fermentation science program | Education