Biotechnology is one of the faculty of biology which involves the study and use of living organisms. This study is done in the field of technology, medical and engineering. The detailed study of those living organism is very useful for the field of bio products. The detail study of biotechnology is only done in the field of engineering so there is a lots of scope to the biotechnology engineer in India and in all over the world. Biotechnology field is mainly deals with the field of genetics, animal cell culture, microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology and embryology. In India various reputed Universities are provided engineering education in biotechnology field.

As we know there are various fields in Bio technology so each field has a different scope factors but equally they have same which is the very good scope. This sector is the non-polluting sector and closely relate with the live things thus the persons who knows in the detail about this things are must needed so scope and demand are very high to the biotechnology engineer. In India the scope is very high because India has the large scale of practice in the bio technology. India has the verity and largest bio logical environment which starts to help in this study so if the person who gets the bio technological education from India; he can work itself here only.

In India manpower and labor is available in on vary less costs so it is easily possible to do big experiments on the practical basis with very low costs and risks. India has largest land for growing the different types of plants which are needle requires for the agriculture-based biotechnology thus fellow can work easily in that field and can test his doubts very accurately in less time. India as well as world market business of bio technological work is growing tremendously thus opportunity if different areas of working are created very quickly so engineers are gets jobs in their concern bio technology field only. Food industry, Home products industry is totally depending upon the research which are done in the Bio technology so there is also a scope for the new ideas and researches.

Scope in Genetic of Bio technology engineering:
Genetics includes the study of plants and animals. It is based on the reformation of DNA’s with appropriate organism which is also called as microbes. Today this microbes are widely use in the manufacturing various drugs and vaccinations so Medical and Drugs industry needs many people who has the detail knowledge about this field and Bio Technology engineers has the opportunity to work with those companies on high posts in research fields and the packages which are got to this people is also very handsome. There is also a job vacancy for the biotechnology engineer in plant development sector where the new techniques are to be developing for the growing of plants. Hence there has been a number of people taking up biotechnology courses for a good future career.

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