December 9, 2021


Santa Maria History

Classes from the Trump a long time (letter) | Letters To The Editor

Could the havoc of the Donald Trump years perhaps be a exam of our determination to democracy?

The genius of the revolution was in its reconstitution of electricity, from a monarchy to democracy. The old purchase was hierarchical, with greatest authority consolidated at the prime and loyalty demanded beneath. In democracy, energy is realigned horizontally, with apparent division under checks and balances. Govt by and for the people today.

Amongst the classes we can relearn from the Trump episode are these: the “unitive presidency” is anti-democratic a “preemptive pardon” is monarchical and a “conspiracy theory” is a usurpation of fair inquiry by partisan desperation.

A president can’t be over the law. Proclaiming absolute ability of self-pardon is not only self-contradictory — pardon is not an intransitive verb it threatens the extremely main theory of democracy. Purchasing the Department of Justice to apprehend political rivals is a trespassing of constitutional boundaries on the highway to a lawless law enforcement point out.

Calling upon a conspiracy concept is the very last ditch on the way to madness. It can be likened unto traveling blind into the dim regions of malice with no an empirical leg to stand on.

Everlasting vigilance from arbitrary authoritarianism is the selling price we shell out for the freedoms of constitutional authorities. Otherwise, the specter of the future will be the grim reaper.

Our finest reward for the new yr is to cherish and share the tasks of preserving democracy. Who is aware? This civility may possibly even unite us.

Beware! Not all that waves a flag is democracy.

Eugene Clemens