August 9, 2022


Santa Maria History

Haunting heritage: Checking out the unmarked grave of Santa Maria’s very first hanging victim | Community News

The saloon was situated in an spot regarded then as Whiskey Row, now the 100 block of East Principal Street, in accordance to historic data. Serving as the town’s watering gap, Whiskey Row had the popularity for nefarious activity, in which working adult men would go to enable unfastened and females had been not permitted.

The Seventy-6 Saloon would have been positioned at 11 E. Primary St. Even so, along with most of Whiskey Row, any remaining trace of the making has because been demolished and turned into Central Park Plaza. 

Several arguments amongst Criswell and the constable about these insults written in his saloon inevitably led to a shootout among the two men, which left Criswell injured and the constable dead. Criswell survived soon after getting patched up by a area health care provider, but it was not extended ahead of indignant vigilantes needed justice.  

Even though less than dwelling arrest at his saloon, a team of townspeople broke in and hanged him from the rafters of his developing, putting an stop to his harassing messages once and for all. 

Although Criswell is thought to lay in the Santa Maria Cemetery, local distaste for his character and his deeds remaining him with an unmarked grave, believed to be in plot No. 83 of the cemetery. 

“The citizens ended up so unsatisfied that they truly put him in an unmarked grave, because there was some panic that he may well be dug up and there may well be some variety of desecration that went alongside with his dying,” Ransick reported.