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Choosing to homeschool your kids can be both a blessing and a curse. While you won’t get as much time to yourself or to take care of other responsibilities during the day, you will have much more control over your child’s education and what they spend their time learning. So if you feel like your child won’t be getting a well-rounded education through their public school, you can choose to supplement with lessons of your own. 

If this is something that you’re interested in, here are three things you may want to teach while homeschooling that you kids likely wouldn’t have learned through their public education. 

Various Forms Of Self Defense

While the vast majority of public schools do hold some form of physical education during the course of the day or week, self defense usually isn’t part of the curriculum. And since any could be a victim of a crime or some kind of violence at any time, it’s very important that your child of any age learn how to best keep themselves safe. 

For your younger kids, you might want to teach them how to stay safe both verbally and physically. This can include letting people know about what boundaries they’re comfortable with and learning how to keep from being harmed if someone is trying to hurt them. For your older children, you might choose to incorporate the use of certain weapons or show them how to safely and correctly use a firearm.

The Basics Of Running A Home

In many high school settings, a class that’s based on home economics may be offered. However, these classes often barely scratch the surface of what it’s really like to run a home

To help your child learn these types of skills, you may want to incorporate things like basic home repair, basic car maintenance, cooking, household cleaning and laundry, first aid, paying bills, making appointments, and more into your child’s schoolwork. These things can all help your child to become a more successful and responsible adult. 

Personal Finance Principles

Kids in school usually don’t have a lot of their own money, so teaching them about money management may not seem like something that’s important to do in a public school. But to help your child be set for their future, teaching personal finance principles is paramount. 

As part of this, you should focus your education on things like making large purchases, being smart about using credit, how to save and invest money, and how to set and work toward financial goals. These are skills that many adults now don’t even have, so giving your kids this knowledge can prove to be invaluable to them. 

If you’re wanting to teach your homeschooled children life lessons that will be beneficial now and in the future, consider implementing some of the topics mentioned above into your curriculum.