August 10, 2022


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Letter: Signal up to host trade college student | Letters

Thank you for the Roanoke Situations and Dan Casey informing persons about our international university student exchange program. I’d appreciate it if you would publish this letter of gratitude with further info about the software.

Mr. Casey did a excellent task describing the added benefits to host households in his column (April 22) regarding our Foreign Inbound links Close to Globe’s International Student Exchange software. When people open their houses to overseas pupils it also rewards our local community and universities.

For example, American students and community members understand a fantastic deal about the world when exposed to learners from other nations. Our international exchange learners are well behaved and get the job done tough in school. They volunteer in our communities willingly and with a excellent frame of mind. Our colleges gain monetarily due to the fact the enhance in enrollment benefits in added point out and federal funding.

The U.S. State Office is continue to fully advocating for trade college students to occur to the U.S. for this vital intercultural and diplomatic exchange. Families and communities loved collaborating in the software this year in the midst of the pandemic. We are planning now to match households with college students for future yr. Any individual who is interested in web hosting a university student can learn far more about the plan by contacting me at 540 947 5228 or Freeda Cathcart at 540 598 7231.

Roni Sutton, Bedford County