The Countrywide Conference on Point out Legislatures’ (NCSL) mission is to “advance the effectiveness, independence and integrity of legislatures foster interstate cooperation and aid the trade of details amongst legislatures.” It’s the resource of data in this letter (

Every 10 a long time, the census is carried out, and centered on how it finds that the selection and distribution of Americans have changed, state legislative and congressional district traces are redrawn. Until 1956, point out legislatures – without guidance about irrespective of whether, when or how to do so – redrew the maps. Given that then, court circumstances have set up the authorized foundations for redistricting. 

Commencing in 1956, states – seeking to insulate redistricting from partisan politics – have transformed how they redistrict. Some have adjusted who redraws the maps. Some others have modified the standards utilized in redrawing the maps. Some have reformed only how they redraw just their legislative districts or just their congressional districts. Six states have set up a fee that serves only in an advisory ability to the point out legislature, and 5 have established commissions that operate only as a backup in the celebration that the legislature does not satisfy the deadline for redrawing the maps. The NCSL web site specifics the framework and procedures of every single point out. 

Iowa has an abnormal approach: It appoints the legislative staff of a nonpartisan legislative-support company (very similar to Wisconsin’s Legislative Reference Bureau) to redraw the maps without using political or election facts. The maps are submitted to the point out legislature for approval, so necessitating no constitutional amendment. Throughout the 40 years given that developing this approach, Iowa’s maps have by no means been turned down. Iowa is a model for Wisconsin.

Of Wisconsin’s counties, 74 per cent have expressed guidance for a nonpartisan redistricting course of action. Vote “yes” on the redistricting referendum. It’s time to start off therapeutic Wisconsin and restoring consultant democracy.

Jack Fiedler

Sister Bay, Wisconsin