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ByTommie C. Curtis

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Why is it that anytime we dig into the facts of a mass shooting we wind up getting absolutely nothing but screw-ups?

Police, educational facilities, psychological wellbeing officials, parents – they’ve all messed up in means to make mass shootings doable or deadlier.

At the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, we figured out that police responded inside minutes but then stood all over for nearly an hour in the hallway although the shooter was barricaded in a classroom and however killing young children.

We discovered that there was no armed safety guard stationed at the Robb school that working day and that a doorway to the outdoors – which the shooter utilised to enter the setting up – did not lock routinely as it should have.

We also discovered that the 18-year-outdated killer, as is so generally the case, was identified by his family members, the authorities and his schoolmates to be a mentally unstable and scary gun nut, still no a person “red-flagged” him as a prospective danger to himself or other folks.

And how many occasions have we heard stories about how the mother and father of long term mass murderers ongoing to enable them have obtain to guns even after it had become evident to them that their young children had been dangerously disturbed?

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What we have seen more than and around yet again in these mass shootings is that everyone’s ready for anyone else to do the appropriate issues, but then no a single does the right items.

It’s not that hard to guard a college from currently being invaded by a mass murderer – if we have the will.

Just as we do at airports, rock concerts and Tremendous Bowls, we can use substantial fences, gates and mechanically locking doorways (that do the job).

We can also use full-time stability guards who are very well armed, effectively experienced and not frightened to shoot anybody dead who shows up at a faculty and tries to destroy individuals.

A school guard without the need of a gun is just a spectator at a slaughter — or an additional victim.

But Democrats and the liberal media are so mindlessly in favor of stricter and stricter gun handle that they’ll in no way recognize that the greatest way to stop a tragedy like the one particular in Uvalde is extra guns – guns in the suitable hands.

Subsequent the massacre in Texas, the anti-gun nuts all over again instantly proved how tiny they know about “the weapons of war” they desperately want to choose away from us legislation-abiding citizens.

I do not assume three Democrats in Congress could determine what an assault weapon really is, a great deal a lot less describe the variance in between a semi-automated AR-15, a superior-powered deer rifle and an Uzi.

And this week we read President Biden babbling on about the variation in halting electrical power among a 9mm handgun – the most generally made pistol in the U.S. – and a .22 pistol.

Biden stated he wishes to ban substantial-caliber 9mm handguns like Glocks, which are made use of by most police forces and the security guards who defend him 24/7, mainly because he thinks no a single requirements a gun for security that is so strong it “can blow the lung out of a overall body.”

Just to let him know, it was a .22 that virtually killed my dad.

A lot of assassins use a .22 since when the more compact bullet enters your entire body it bounces off your bones like a ping pong ball and will cause bigger inside injury.

No a single expects Biden to know what he’s conversing about when he talks about guns, and the dishonest big media are way too considerably on the gun-manage group to explore other wise, doable means of avoiding upcoming school shootings.

Placing well-armed safety guards in our educational facilities is particularly significant, clearly, but it is mom and dad who are the first line of protection.

If you notice your child is out of handle and really harmful, acquire their guns absent. Give them to a neighbor. Lock them in a secure.

And remember to never wait for the govt, the faculty principal or anyone else to crimson flag your youngster as a menace to themselves or other people.

Do the suitable issue. Throw the purple flag yourself.

Michael Reagan is an creator, speaker and president of the Reagan Legacy Basis. Ship comments to r[email protected] and comply with @reaganworld on Twitter.