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Microsoft Development Services providers have been very efficiently getting maximum output from some of the best features of Microsoft online platforms. Data management and data security is the main focus with maximum productivity in small time are what the Microsoft Development Services providers focus on. Control and managing of the online data in Microsoft Teams with an amazing app called “approvals” are made easy and secure. We are going to talk a little about this in this article so that you can have a basic understanding and introduction to this very useful app.

Approval procedures can now be created, shared and managed quickly and easily by all employees directly via Microsoft Teams with the help of the new “Approvals” app. With this extension, Microsoft Teams gains another important function as a full company-wide collaboration platform. With the integrated “Approvals” app, you now have an overview of all approval requests assigned to you, regardless of whether they were created via SharePoint, Power Automate or Microsoft Dynamics 365. In addition, you can approve or deny all requests directly in Microsoft Teams. As a result, approval processes are leaner overall and can be processed more quickly, since it is no longer necessary to jump back and forth between different applications.

Another advantage of the “Approvals” application is that the approval processes are documented in a comprehensible and clear manner. You can check the status of your approval requirements at any time and do not miss any important process or approval steps. To be able to use the “Approvals” app in Teams, you only need a license for Office 365, Dynamics 365 or Power Automate. If you are already working with Microsoft Teams, you can easily find the new application using the search function in the Teams app catalogue.

Note: Only employees of your organization can edit the approval requests. Guests cannot be set as an approver. 

Purposes of Using the “Permissions” app

Since approval requests can be created, edited and managed quickly and easily in Microsoft Teams, there is no need for time-consuming training of employees, as is the case with Power Automate, for example. Especially with less complex approval processes, which are more common in everyday work, the application can clearly score with its range of functions.

The following exemplary approval scenarios are conceivable:

  • Participation in an event
  • Approval of an invoice
  • Product or software purchase
  • Business trips
  • Review of a text 
  • Vacation requests
  • Budget approvals

Data Security

An important point and often the greatest concern in companies is the security of shared data. The “Permissions” app, like all other applications and products provided by Microsoft, is subject to high security and compliance standards. Additionally, request creation, approval, and rejection activities are flagged and reviewed through the Microsoft 365 compliance centre. In addition, your company’s administrators can set specific guidelines for the use of “permissions” tailored to your company in the Microsoft Teams admin centre.

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For each requirement, you get the title of the requirement, the current status, the creation date, the applicant and the person who should approve the application at a glance. The user interface of the application is very clear and provides clearly understandable information. As a result, employees find their way around the application in a very short time and can use it directly. In addition, filter options offer the possibility to search specifically and quickly for approval requirements.

Microsoft online apps have a lot to offer for better and more secure online document management. To use these apps to their full potential, you need to hire a professional Microsoft Development Services provider. Al Rafay Consulting has a professional and expert team for this very purpose, they can get the maximum productivity in less time and help your business boost with their expertise.