Republican senators Blunt and Hawley voted to acquit previous President Donald Trump when Democratic senators Duckworth and Durbin voted to convict him

Donald Trump was acquitted Saturday of inciting the horrific assault on the U.S. Capitol, concluding a historic impeachment demo that spared him the first-ever conviction of a U.S. president but uncovered the fragility of America’s democratic traditions and still left a divided country to come to terms with the violence sparked by his defeated presidency.

This is how U.S. senators from Missouri and Illinois voted and the statements they introduced adhering to the acquittal.


Sen. Roy Blunt, R-Missouri (voted towards impeachment)

“I reported in advance of this trial started off that I believe that the constitutional function for presidential impeachment is to clear away a president from office environment, not to punish a particular person after they have still left place of work. None of the arguments presented transformed my look at that this was an unconstitutional continuing. Impeachment is not a tool that should be made use of to settle political scores towards a non-public citizen.”


Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Missouri (voted in opposition to impeachment)

Sen. Josh Hawley’s place of work has not issued a assertion.


Sen. Tammy Duckworth, D-Illinois (voted for impeachment)

“Last month, Donald Trump lavished praise on a mob hell-bent on violence. He gave them orders to ‘fight like hell’—kindling their anger, weaponizing their fury, then directing them to the methods of the United States Capitol where by they waged an insurrection that led to the murder of a Capitol police officer and the fatalities of at the very least 6 other men and women.

“After the Property managers’ truth-based, convincing and harrowing case, a greater part of United States Senators voted to maintain Trump accountable today, putting theory in advance of partisanship—country just before Trumpism—and aiding send the information that no President of any party has free of charge rein to incite violence at any issue in their time period. That a President is subject to constitutional accountability for each motion they take in place of work, whether or not it happens during their previous 7 days, their past day or even their final handful of minutes serving in place of work.

“However, it is profoundly disheartening that so a lot of of my Republican colleagues chose to ignore the evidence and vote to acquit him. As well many Republican senators are at ease hiding guiding their misguided perception that seeking a previous President for his actions in place of work is unconstitutional, even as they refuse to response the considerably much more essential dilemma of no matter whether actually inciting an insurrection from the structure is unconstitutional. By accomplishing so, they desecrate the democracy that so several patriots— including members of my individual family—have sacrificed for just to safeguard the legacy of a guy who has only at any time truly pledged allegiance to himself.”

“History will not glance kindly on their votes to defend a wannabe tin-pot dictator or their willingness to further more imperil our idea of a authorities of the individuals, by the individuals and for the persons. As a outcome of this demo, the environment knows that Donald Trump betrayed his oath by inciting a violent insurrection to test to overturn a totally free and fair election that Joe Biden gained by millions upon tens of millions of votes. Those who choose to disregard that truth, who are willing to justify Trump’s makes an attempt to undermine this nation’s hundreds of years-previous custom of tranquil transfers of ability, will for good have to dwell with their conclusion to set politics above nation—the consequences of which will have a extensive-lasting effect on the strength of our democracy.”


Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Illinois (voted for impeachment)

“For the final 5 days, the Dwelling supervisors have cautiously laid out a convincing case for conviction. The administrators had the details, the law, the Constitution, and powerful evidence on their facet.  That is why I voted to convict Donald Trump for inciting an insurrection against our government.

“I regret that extra of my Republican colleagues did not be part of me in voting to convict and disqualify Donald Trump from keeping long run business office.  I wish the Senate had sent an unequivocal concept that it is unacceptable for any president to incite violence in order to prevent the tranquil transition of energy.  But it need to not be dropped that a majority of Senators—including seven Senators from the President’s very own party—voted to convict him.

“On January 6, that wonderful custom of American democracy, the peaceful changeover of electrical power that had taken put in each and every presidential changeover due to the fact George Washington’s, was assailed.  Our democracy, our Structure, and the Capitol constructing have been attacked on January 6, 2021.  Brave Americans had been wounded and killed defending them.  And thanks to that bravery, our democracy endures.  We ought to master our classes from this. We will try to remember January 6, 2021 forever.  And we should not repeat it.”

The Affiliated Push contributed to this report.