August 9, 2022


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Nearby Tennis Lessons – Millburn, NJ Patch

“A Trump and COVID 19 cocktail appeared to have concluded off the Republican Get together in New Jersey, leaving Jabba-the-Hut sized Democratic firm to literally slug it out for new paved above realms of electric power.”–Max Pizarro: “June 8th-Camden as opposed to Middlesex” NJInsider (June 3, 2021 at 10:24 am)

Tuesday evening the Millburn grass roots nonpartisan “people revolt” exploded. Remember to pay attention diligently to the responses of other inhabitants. A petition signed by 50 Glenwood homeowners was a recreation switching occasion.

The repetitive UTube specialized hiccup and delay in posting the TC meeting have to be investigated. Is there a sample of UTube likely dark at a particular point of time for the duration of a TC assembly, thereby leading to efforts to delay 2nd public citizens responses right until the predicted technological hiccup?

These days, in Millburn we have to think the worst. On Tuesday evening, both of those our Mayor and Deputy Mayor indicated that the passions of landlords who obtained houses with genuine and constructive knowledge of all municipal land use limitations now trumped the pursuits of prolonged time owners. On Tuesday night, TC member Vinayak announced the close of the rule of law in Millburn Township.

I experience TC member Miggins’ pain. She is the only a person listening to citizens and proposing remedial improvements. Because of the laziness of our cloistered mayor, TC member Miggins stepped up and changed “Woodland/Chatham Highway stealth rooftop decks” TC member Eglow on the organizing board. I just never know how substantially for a longer period TC member Miggins can continue to consume the “kool-help” and observe the Mayor and Deputy Mayor down a sinkhole.

Institutional know-how matters. Reality is stranger than fiction in Essex County. I urge absolutely everyone to consider when and why Assemblyperson Mila M Jasey replaced her predecessor Orange Mayor Mims Hackett in 2007. I urge every person to consider who Assemblyperson Hackett changed.

I urge every person to take into account the September 2007 frivolous and vexatious municipal legal complaint summons served by Orange (times soon after the federal arrest of Mims Hackett) towards my family around a “Rosa Park” buying cart found in just our vestibule whilst I was showing up in advance of the Condition Urban Organization Zone Authority complaining about the misuse of business enterprise believe in fund monies for political and not nearby organization uses.

In Essex County, there are no very long time tricks. Centered on a modern tip, I and other people are investigating an alleged sound summons issued in May well 2021 and alleged attempts by a freshly elected formal to intervene and to quash that summons. Does this sample audio familiar?

I and others are also investigating who was the municipal planner dependable for the “finish road” fiasco and whether that exact municipal planner is even now used by Millburn.

In January 2019, a new mayor pledged transparency and regard. Balderdash!

Soon citizens will get back management of their destinies and will be singing “nah-nah-nah- nah, hey-hey, goodbye.!”