Amid expanding problems over the Afghanistan disaster, the Association of Journalists for United Nigeria, greater regarded as Journalists for United Nigeria (JUN), has urged Nigerians to 1st search for the peace, unity, and stability of their nation.

This will come soon after the unsavoury scenes from Afghanistan subsequent the Taliban’s takeover of the country’s federal government.

Meanwhile, Western nations have scrambled to evacuate their citizens from an significantly chaotic Kabul airport even though other Afghan citizens have also been trying to get to flee the place for worry of a brutal rule by the militants.

In a statement on Tuesday, the convener of the group, Fredrick Nwabufo, famous that the uncomplicated transition of power to the Taliban in Afghanistan inspite of decades of armed service support by strong international locations should really caution Nigerians, specifically individuals who are bent on foreign intervention.
He explained, “There is no salvation in the West or in the East we Nigerians are the potter, we have to construct Nigeria with our very own arms.”

The assertion partly examine, “The events in the region a short while ago contact for patriots to increase up and hold the fort. We can not palliate the enormity of the issues that confront us as a people now. We have occur to a level in which all citizens, statesmen, and females, young and old, should hold out arms and forge a typical fist to deal with these existential threats.

“We should embrace peace-constructing as a route to peace in our communities. We require condition protection, but it is considerably much easier when we are not propagating dislike and division.

“Nigeria is ours. Nigeria is really worth preventing for. As a peace and national unity advocate, the Association of Journalists for United Nigeria (JUN), better identified as Journalists for United Nigeria (JUN), phone calls on all Nigerians and important stakeholders in the country to make the pursuit of peace at this tempestuous epoch in our evolution a bounden obligation.”

The group further more urged all self-resolve teams in the state to embrace peaceful techniques as it emphasised that self-resolve is a universal right. Nonetheless, it famous that “getting up arms to get rid of citizens and stability brokers pivots on the bounds of terrorism.”

JUN encouraged that Nigerians make requires working with constitutional methods to manage peace as it termed on the government to hire peace-building initiatives where by vital to stay clear of a disaster.
‘’JUN, a team fully commited to peace-developing, nationwide cohesion, and progress, notes the agitations for secession in some sections of the nation. Though it is within the legal rights of any person to agitate and search for self-resolve, violence, and coercion in any type, should really not be portion of any righteous advocacy.

‘’We should denounce violence in all forms by all actors. Violence ought to not be located amongst the civilised human species. Violence achieves almost nothing but dying, broken bones, and spilt blood. When agitations consequence in decline of life and assets, the point out naturally will shift to restore purchase.

“We would like to emphasise that self-perseverance is a universal right, but using up arms to get rid of citizens and stability agents pivots on the bounds of terrorism. All Nigerians should pursue constitutional means in what ever they seek. The expense of war is better than the value of peace. There are no genuine victors in a war — only death and destruction.

“We acknowledge some of the essential troubles driving these agitations – social inequality, poverty, unemployment, injustice, and corruption. These are issues affecting all the individuals of Nigeria. Each individual Nigerian is marginalised. And this is a consequence of leadership failure about the years. We talk to the federal government to search into the underlying leads to of these agitations – outside of deploying drive. We cannot successfully deal with metastasising most cancers if we do not surgically address the root causes.

“We propose that the governing administration hire peace-making initiatives, dialogue the place vital, and keep out the olive department when practicable.  

“Area 24b of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) claims ‘it shall be the responsibility of each citizen to aid to improve the energy, prestige and fantastic identify of Nigeria, defend Nigeria’. JUN attracts its mandate from this section of the structure.

“Journalists for United Nigeria (JUN) is strictly non-partisan not a stress or foyer group, but a consider-factory to hook up minds in the media who are fully commited to a united Nigeria.

“We believe that the media possesses some of the brightest minds. JUN is far more or less a dialogue forum for like-minded people today. It is non-partisan it is not a pressure team. It is not a lobby team it is not a political team. It is a discussion board wherever journalists can converge to exchange strategies and opinions on how to bolster nationwide unity

“We require in abundance citizens who can be Nigerians. It is our perspective that only journalists healthy into this. By advantage of currently being guys and ladies of the pen, we condition viewpoints and narratives. The sustenance of our unity rests mostly in our palms. We need to increase to the event and mobilise each the political class and the populace to imbibe our togetherness. We have no other nation but Nigeria. Enable us, by way of our job, lead by instance.

“We would like to be emphatic listed here this team was conceived out of a solid motivation for the peace and development of Nigeria. We believe we are more powerful alongside one another.

“Once more, JUN is purely voluntary for Nigerian journalists. No monetary benefits in any way except for the psychological fulfilment that arrives from understanding you are contributing to the peace and expansion of your nation.

“We appeal to all Nigerians to set the unity, peace, and security of Nigeria very first in their engagements, public statements, and steps.”

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