July 3, 2022


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​In Illinois, redistricting is a two-step procedure, one particular for redrawing the districts of the state’s 118 Household and 59 Senate seats, one more for remapping the state’s congressional district boundaries. Currently, below Democratic-drawn maps, Democrats maintain majorities in excess of Republicans of 72-45 in the Illinois Household, 41-18 in the Illinois Senate and 13-5 in the U.S. Home delegation.

Redistricting is typically the most political technique performed by Illinois lawmakers, the maps’ boundaries a determinant for which political get together will regulate the Typical Assembly for the upcoming ten years as well as partisan manage of the state’s congressional delegation in Washington.

The process is intricate, lawfully technical and typically messy. Federal and condition rules, and judicial rulings require provisions for racial and ethnic representation, retaining communities of shared desire intact and for districts to be compact, contiguous and as equal in populace as feasible.

Complying with individuals needs in a diverse state, together with partisan political components, is what helps prevent districts from simply just resembling squares and rather final result in odd jagged jigsaw-puzzle-formed boundaries.

Drawing boundaries based mostly exclusively on favoring a political get together is identified as gerrymandering. But legal needs to layout districts to guarantee a likelihood for representation by racial and ethnic groups is a sort of lawful gerrymandering that has been upheld by the courts.