Scituate High School graduates celebrate community

ByTommie C. Curtis

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SCITUATE – In a sea of royal-blue robes and golden tassels, the 257 graduates of Scituate High School’s Course of 2022 stood alongside one another on the football subject for a remaining time Friday night time, June 3.

Prior to they went their independent approaches, class President Celia Rees reminded her peers of the reminiscences they shared.

“As our childhoods expire, these memories that we have produced commence to settle at the core of who we are,” Rees reported. “I hope you don’t forget every single other and how the semiconscious influence we had on one another is what connects us.”

Class President Celia Rees addresses her classmates during the Scituate High School graduation Friday, June 3, 2022.

Course President Celia Rees addresses her classmates during the Scituate Higher Faculty graduation Friday, June 3, 2022.

Principal Lisa Maguire mentioned that the senior course was capable to appear with each other to knowledge conventional activities – including prom and senior week – following cancellations in previous a long time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Maguire identified the tutorial achievements of the course along with their accomplishment in setting up a potent sense of local community.

“It was by way of this togetherness that their collective identity was fashioned with camaraderie, assistance and friendship apparent at just about every transform,” Maguire stated. “You have designed this college a household absent from property for yourselves and for us grown ups who get to share in the lifestyle you helped produce.”

Jamele Adams, director of fairness and inclusion, sent a powerful concept to the graduates as he mentioned their successes, calling the college students “taskmasters of genius,” and reminded the graduates to really like by themselves.

Salutatorian Jason Adams and valedictorian Clara Sullivan sent speeches concerning performances by the seniors of the decide on choir and the Scituate High symphonic band and choirs. As the tunes rang out throughout the discipline, students’ heads turned to watch two graduates dancing in celebration, waving blue batons in the air.

Class valedictorian Clara Sullivan speaks during Scituate High's graduation Friday, June 3, 2022.

Course valedictorian Clara Sullivan speaks for the duration of Scituate High’s graduation Friday, June 3, 2022.

Jason Adams traced the students’ decades jointly, recounting games for the duration of elementary faculty recesses and new finding out alternatives in middle school.

“Take pleasure in and remember the household we have developed more than the many years,” Adams explained. “Cherish the time we get with a person a different and remember that we all are, and often will be, component of this spouse and children.”

Salutatorian Jason Adams addresses his classmates during the Scituate High School graduation Friday, June 3, 2022.

Salutatorian Jason Adams addresses his classmates during the Scituate Superior College graduation Friday, June 3, 2022.

Scituate Substantial Faculty Class of 2022 

Jason Adams, Lisette Adorney, Dimitry Afanasenko, Derek Allen, Lauren Babb, Sarah Baker, Emily Baldwin, Caitlyn Barry, Andrew Belmarsh, Clayton Belmarsh, Samuel Benning, William Bernier, Lauren Bernstein, Isabella Biondi, Maryn Bissell, Casey Blanchard, Ethan Blanks, Thomas Bleakney, Maia Block, Carly Bolton, Ryan Borgman, Andrew Bossey, Brendan Boyle, Nick Brown, Nicholas Brundige, Connor Burke, Riley Burke, Brady Burns.

Joseph Cahill, James Cannon, Lily Carnes, Courtney Caron, Griffin Carriuolo, Elizabeth Carroll, Violet Cato, Alexander Christenson, Charles Clark, Brianna Claytor, Wynne Collins, Shane Connolly, Jillian Connor, Emma Cooney, Nicholas Corcione, Chase Cordeiro, Cole Coyne, George Crichfield, Elizabeth Cutler, Brendan Dalicandro, Jessica Daniels, Ella Daraskevich, Joshua DeMontigny, Sophia Derr, Tyler DiGravio, Adriana DiMeo, Maxwell Dodd, Mia Donahue, Joseph Donovan, Lindsay Donovan, Sarah Dorgan, Kaitlyn DuBry, Althea Dumet, Brett Dupont, Grace Dwyer.

Hannah Evensen, Victoria Fahey, Jordan Falvey, Andrew Fay, Abigail Ferguson, Grace Finnerty, Zachary Fiscus, Colleen Fitzmaurice, Molly Flanagan, Jason Frankel, Ava Gallerani, Quinn Gannon, Michael Gantt, Henry Gates, Daleena Gebrehiwet, Emma Genovese, Erin Gibbons, Hannah Gillis, Lihe Gong, Grace Goode, Brooke Goyette, Elisabeth Inexperienced, Claire Greene, Billie Grimshaw, Nicolas Guarnieri, Jeremy Guyette, Sophia Hanna, Adam Harms, Liam Harrington, Grayden Harris, Camille Hartgrove, Ainsley Hayes, Dylon Heaney Ross, Connor Henderson, Brian Hixson, Abigail Holden, Erika Houghton-Steidle, Paige Humphrey.

Molly Jamison, Leah Jernberg, Chyan Johnson, Miles Jones, Nolan Jones, Oliver Jones, Grace Kane, Ryan Kichefski, William Kimball, John Kinsley Jr., Kelsey Knapp, Justin Kosman, Kelly Kowenhoven, Brendan Lantz, Jacqueline Lanza, Elizabeth Larkin, Kyle Latwas, Kerry Lee, Michael Lengen, Zirui Liao, Daniel Luscombe, Charles MacDonald, Craig MacDonald, Caitlin Madan, Caroline Mahoney, John Maier, Brendan Mankewich, Sofia Marshall, Sydnie Marshall, Marcus Mauceri, Hayley McCarthy, Dylan McDonald, Abigail McMellen, Justin McNamara, Catherine McNeilly, Cole McNiece, Francis Minich, William Moon, Sophia Moore, Kiera Morley, Shea Morley, Charles Morrell, Cody Morrison, Colby Mullen, Andrew Murphy, Braeden Murphy, Brendan Murphy, John Murphy, Lily Murphy, Liv Murphy, Anthony Musto.

Jane Naylor, Evan Nelson, James Nelson, Bridget Nicolo, Zachary Nidositko, Kevin Nisbet, Charles Norton, Peter Norton, Sean Norton, Lily O’Donnell, Nora O’Halloran, Kevin O’Keefe, Avery Oram, Daimani Pagan, William Palmer, Jackson Parker, Marlena Perl, Rowan Perry, Brooke Pierotti, Logan Pietrosante, Christian Pitten, Ava Spot, Elena Ponichtera, Jonathan Preuss, Kristina Provost, John Quattrucci, Emily Reardon, Celia Rees, Benjamin Reforsado, Alexis Rehm, D’Kari Rodrigues, Samantha Roman, Ainsley Routh, Courtney Ruble, Austin Ryan, Jack Ryan, Kevin Ryner.

Delaney Sandner, Andrew Scott, Declan Scott, Joseph Secaur, Jack Serowick, Sean Seymour, Joelle Shamatta, Avery Shaw, Rylee Shaw, Clarke Sheehan, Yi Shen, Henry Sherman, Michael Sheskey, Abigail Quick, Benjamin Shorter, Andrew Smith, Connor Smith, Madeleine Smith, Helena Snow, Sarah Snow, Stella Spaulding, Conor Spinale, Abigail Spires, David Stanley, Gabriella Steinmeier, Mary Stevenson, Catherine Stewart, Harrison Stockbridge, Bridget Stone, Connor Stone, Christopher Sullivan, Clara Sullivan, Keegan Sullivan, Patrick Sullivan, Thomas Svensen, Aidan Sylvester.

Katelin Theriault, Jada Thielen, John Thompson, Molly Thompson, Paige Thornton, Nicholas Tierney, Signe Tobin, William Todd, Brooke Towers, Devyn Trayers, Jordan Tripp, Rosaline Vicente, Rosalita Vicente, Sarah Villa, Gretchen Voelger-Swain, Madeline von Freymann, Gabrielle Walsh, Molly Walsh, Ella Ward, Sydney Washburn, Garrett Wasserman, Sarah Weinberg, Benjamin Whitman, Lillian Wiechert, Alexandra Wiechmann, Danielle Williams, Gabriella Winters, Gabriel Wittrup, Arlise Woodson, Lucinda Yardley, Peter Yohna, Ira Zhusti.

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