August 10, 2022


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Tanzania: Reflections On President Samia’s Preliminary General performance

FROM the time President Samia Suluhu Hassan a short while ago ascended to the Presidency, we have been regularly witnessing many sectors of Tanzania’s Community Services, as properly as its Non-public Company, in addition lots of other Organisations and Establishments expressing, as a result of particular advertisements positioned in the print media, their congratulations and properly wishes and expressing their comprehensive self-confidence in her ability to inherit the mantle of the country’s supreme power.

These expressions of confidence had been recurring by Tanzania’s religious leaders of all denominations, when the environment Christian local community was commemorating the crucifixion, demise, and subsequent resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday when these leaders moreover identified as on Tanzanians to earnestly pray for President Samia Suluhu Hassan.

For this reason, In modern post, I will target on this issue of previous Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s peaceful ascendancy to the “throne”.

And, especially, the constitutional lessons that should be learnt from this celebration mainly for the purpose of maximizing our readers’ common understanding and being familiar with of these constitutional matters.

But just before we get there, I would like to present an interesting narrative, regarding President Samia’s first journey to the Vice Presidency of the United Republic, way back again in 2015. How it in fact came about.

The CCM Structure duly establishes an “Advisory Council” consisting of all its previous countrywide Chair people, and Vice Chair persons.

Due to the fact I myself experienced the chance of being elected CCM Vice Chairman in 2007, I hence turned, on retirement, a member of this distinguished Council and was, in addition, elected by my colleagues to be its Secretary.

Since of its advisory character, this Council normally fulfills only when the want occurs for their advice to be offered, significantly in regard of some significant policy issues.

These vital matters include things like CCM’s collection of the Presidential ” managing mate”, for the duration of the related Presidential elections.

Therefore, at the time of the Presidential election in 2015, the information of this Council was needed to be presented and our Advisory Council was appropriately convened for that objective.

And that is when Presidential election candidate John Magufuli, disclosed to us his intention to suggest the identify of Samia Salum Hassan, for running mate.

Our Council was unanimous in endorsing that proposal, much more specifically for the explanation that Magufuli was generating heritage by proposing, for the initially time at any time, the title of a girl for the position of Presidential “operating mate”.

And that is specifically how President Samia’s journey to Ikulu commenced. And she labored diligently and faithfully with the late President John Pombe Magufuli, ideal up to the time of the unexpected loss of life of President Magufuli on 17th March, 2021 when, resulting totally from the prerequisites of the Structure itself, Samia grew to become the President.

That is to say, no new election, or in fact any other motion, was required to be taken to accomplish this final result. In constitutional parlance, this is described as assumption of place of work “by procedure of the Constitution”.

And, just after assuming that superior business office, President Samia Suluhu Hassan has, in just less than a thirty day period, currently shown her huge ability, to deal with the affairs of our region thoroughly.

The First indicators of President Samia’s governance way A very well-identified Kiswahili proverb claims this : “Nyota njema huonekana asubuhi”.

This indicating is absolutely applicable when evaluating President Samia’s preliminary general performance through the to start with number of weeks of her Presidency.

The to start with indicator was her very first cabinet reshuffle. In my humble view, the reality that she retained all the Magufuli appointed Ministers, appears to suggest that she intends to maintain her predecessor’s pace and tempo, in her governance efficiency.

But, only 4 times later on, when she appointed the Everlasting Secretaries and other heads of Community Organisations, the tale was thoroughly unique.

Figuratively talking, ‘she went fishing in the deep blue sea of the large General public Company, and produced her have catch’.

The point that she re-appointed some of these who had been dropped by her predecessor and fired some of the late President Magufuli’s lieutenants looks to show that she is also identified to chart her personal governance route, with her personal crew of officers in the prime General public Service positions.

Next, it will be remembered that at the ceremony of swearing in the Ministers next her to start with cupboard reshuffle, President Samia also manufactured some weighty statements, via which she issued sure directives (which the Kiswahili print media figuratively referred to as “nyundo), which includes the pursuing:- (i) To the Tanzania Profits Authority (TRA), which she directed to increase the tax base by growing the number of tax payers and, a lot more exclusively, to stay away from the use of force in the selection of taxes, when she said the next:- “making use of large quantities of power in the selection of taxes, this sort of as closing the tax payers’ lender accounts, or forcibly having revenue from their accounts just due to the fact the legislation permits you to do so, is unacceptable”.

This statement seems to have persuaded even some worldwide observers, to convey their profound particular viewpoints like the European Union (EU) Business Group Executive Director Cikay Richards, who claimed that “the President’s assertion on the will need for a welcoming tax routine was quite encouraging to the traders, and has exuded a ton of new hopes. For the taxman experienced been the key hurdle for a ton of corporations in Tanzania.

The President’s directive will rekindle investors’ hopes, and improve their assurance”. The President’s directive would seem to show that she, like her predecessor, intends to count largely on acquiring her governing administration revenues from the country’s own interior assets.

(ii) To the Avoidance of Corruption Bureau (PCCB), which she instructed to promptly examine the current huge withdrawal of money (amounting to shillings 3.6 billion), from the Central Financial institution of Tanzania (BOT).

This directive would surface to suggest that she intends to sustain her predecessor’s supreme endeavours in curbing the immoral theft, and plundering, of public funds with impunity.

Consequently, in terms of the Kiswahili proverb quoted above, President Samia’s star (with regards to the course in which she will be shifting), is by now clearly obvious, and shining brightly.

For she has shown the sort of firmness, and determination, that numerous everyday observers experienced in all probability not envisioned. But, on the other hand, she has entirely satisfied the anticipations of the the greater part of Tanzanians who have been, either independently and collectively, expressing their comprehensive self esteem in President Samia Suluhu Hassan, the sixth phase President of the United Republic of Tanzania.

She has plainly shown that she can, and will, achieve what is expected of her. The Constitutional classes to be learnt from this party We promised, at the starting of this posting, to discuss constitutional classes which should be learnt from this function of former Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan’s ascension to the country’s Presidency. Without a doubt, there are specified practical classes which should to be learnt from this function.

The to start with is the automaticity of the method itself. It really should be mentioned that according to the country’s Structure, in all conditions wherever the will need arises for the President’s capabilities and duties to be transferred to another individual, on a non permanent foundation or upon the dying of the incumbent President these transfer shall consider area mechanically that is to say, by operation of the Structure itself.

But this was not normally so, it only came about as a final result of a court judgment in a constitutional situation which the govt experienced lost.

The particulars of that fascinating case were being, incredibly briefly, that President Nyerere experienced travelled out of the place. In his absence, Vice President Aboud Jumbe had signed a “preventive detention Order”, authorising the ‘detention without trial’ of a particular personal. The Order was carried out.

Having said that, by the ordinary legal course of action, the detainee challenged the reported Purchase in the High Court docket which held that the Vice President had acted illegally, for getting taken this sort of action with out having the electric power to do so.

This was simply because the President had not signed the requisite instrument for the transfer of the electrical power to detainee individuals to the Vice President which was then a need of the Constitution.

The federal government appealed versus that determination, but the Enchantment Court upheld the Significant Court’s decision. That is when the governing administration authorized pundits decided, that the Structure ought to make provision for the automated transfer of electric power and functions to the Vice President, each time the President was out of the region briefly and also when the President died in place of work.

But regardless of the Constitution possessing this provision, this sort of automated transfer can even now be pissed off as happened in neighbouring Kenya when President Jomo Kenyata died all of a sudden in August 1978, and critical makes an attempt had been truly manufactured by specified “tribal mafia” there, to avert Vice President Daniel Arap Moi from starting to be Kenya’s President.

Thus, in look at of there getting these kinds of prison possibility Tanzanians will have to thoroughly respect our terrific great fortune in having achieved the new uneventful, peaceful transfer of ability, to President Samia Suluhu Hassan. The vital job, which was performed by the ruling party (CCM) in relationship therewith.

For, discreetly at the rear of the scenes, the ruling party’s Central Committee was quietly organising, and proficiently supervising, this constitutional ‘ electrical power transfer ‘ course of action.