September 20, 2021


Santa Maria History

The pandemic has taught us numerous lessons | Letters

A short while ago, a close friend and I spent an afternoon enjoying the Virginia spring in a back garden loaded with flowers and freshly mown grass. We talked of family members and vacation ideas. At some point, our discussion led to discussing the hottest struggles experiencing political leaders at all concentrations of authorities and their constituents as with each other they facial area the worries from COID-19 to the daily interactions with many others at residence, perform, university and communities nationwide.

I consider that doing the job to solve these problems requires politicians and the American populace to established apart ideologies that body community wellness techniques these types of as mask-carrying, social-distancing and vaccinations as violations of Very first Modification legal rights. These kinds of ideologies make it possible for adherents to declare privilege to behave as they make sure you when interacting with others all the whilst disregarding the boosts in COVID cases, hospitalizations and demise that are the realities of such short-sighted, Constitutional chest-thumping.

I believe that this past 12 months has demonstrated that initiatives to continue on to teach our little ones at all ranges through this country throughout the pandemic revealed requirements for enhanced funding for computer systems for each college student and for updates to HVAC units to enhance air flow in school rooms furthermore far more coaching in virtual educating techniques for teachers. Most importantly there will have to be intense and ongoing district and community planning to fulfill the issues for instructors, personnel, moms and dads and learners experiencing sometimes daily plan improvements from in-faculty to virtual as this virus ebbs and flows.