Travis N. Taylor

A bombastic Republican govt was up for reelection. His populist rhetoric properly-regarded in some circles continue to nonetheless, his constituents had mostly developed weary of his large-handed model of governing. His abrasive, typically divisive, rhetoric was tiresome.

Standing in the way of his second phrase was a moderate Democratic opponent with potent governing credentials and strong name recognition. All people envisioned a leftward coverage change if the Democrat had been to prevail, specially with a remaining-wing lady as his managing mate.

A truthful synopsis of the 2020 presidential election, appropriate?

Indeed, but that’s also an apt summary of the 2019 gubernatorial election in the commonwealth of Kentucky. 

The similarities concerning the 2019 Kentucky governor’s race and the 2020 presidential election do not conclusion at the description of the candidates. In truth, this year’s electoral result also has a feeling of deja vu about it — the two at the best of the ticket and down the ballot.