Study Skills: Open Book Test Preparation Tips

Toppers in various state boards serve as inspiration for most students in their quest for high grades in their board exams. One of the common threads among all of these boards is that the top contenders were well versed with the respective subjects and mastered the concepts as outlined in their boards’ prescribed textbooks. In this article, we outline some tips and strategies for preparing for exams, while also trying to answer why textbooks are necessary to prepare for the board exams. 

Textbooks provide accurate information about the topics that are covered for a respective subject in the respective class. Also, most students are recommended to follow state prescribed textbooks. This is the reason why Maharashtra State Board students prefer to study from Maharashtra State Board Books PDF Free Download. Most of the assignments, homework, course work and question papers are framed on the basis of topics covered in the respective textbooks for the corresponding classes. 

Benefits of Textbooks- How They Help to Ace Exams

  • Explain concepts in easy to understand language
  • Questions are based on the topics covered in the textbook 
  • Textbooks provide organised units of the topics 
  • Chronological and detailed information about the topics are mentioned  
  • Textbooks give guidance to the teachers, an idea about the coursework and lesson plan 
  • Textbooks deepen the ability of the students to read, understand and reflect critically

Additional Tips to Ace the Exams 

Apart from referring to the textbooks, students are also encouraged to follow some additional tips and strategies to ace the exams. Check out the information below. 

  • Master all the concepts under the subject by referring to textbooks and additional resources 
  • Students are encouraged to solve and practise mock tests and sample questions 
  • Solving previous year questions is the way to get acquainted with the questions types 
  • Always be well-prepared, finish off the homework, read the textbook and be prepared for the Class 
  • Prepare notes of important topics to reflect back, while studying for the board exams
  • Learn time management skills while answering the questions 

As reading the textbooks and making notes from them is also a very good way to prepare ahead for the class revisions, it will help the students to perform better in the exams as well. Notes, prepared by the students, by referring to these books will also help them to recall the important points from the respective chapters while studying. Hence, the best way to study is to master the concepts, revise them thoroughly, reassess one’s preparation level and study accordingly to do well in the exams.

Students of all boards, from state boards to CBSE, are recommended to refer to the textbooks as the most suitable source to prepare for the board exams. Additionally, students of 12th Class are advised to be thorough with the concepts from lower classes onwards, thus making it mandatory for them to read the earlier books such as Maharashtra State Board 11th Books PDF Free Download. Doing so will help the students to build up their foundation for the subjects. 

Following these suggestions and tips along with consistent preparation for the board exams with the help of the required resources is the most recommended method to ace the board exams. Having this strong support will help the students to perform well in the exams, and also to face the exams fearlessly and with a lot of confidence.