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My wife and I acquired our 2nd Covid-19 vaccine shots. We have been appalled to listen to how numerous persons are indecisive or established to stay away from vaccination as a subject of personalized privilege.

We are encountering the equal of war. We did not acquire Entire world War II by preventing the draft. We will not earn this a person by preventing vaccination. That does not safeguard our legal rights it only protects the virus. In fact, our willingness to get vaccinated may possibly be vital to preserving these rights

Sure, even vaccinated, we may well require once-a-year or booster photographs. We will nevertheless require to don masks and get other precautions, even following vaccination. Exhausted of all that? So am I. But our fears could turn into self-fulfilling prophecies if we sit on our arms and refuse to do what we can. Jesus completely framed the concern in his admonition to “love your neighbor as oneself.”

So, sign up for vaccination at your pharmacy (where we obtained our photographs), the county health and fitness department or, most evident, your medical professional. Really don’t embrace phony and self-centered constitutional legal rights arguments when your neighbors experience. Act out your really like of family members, neighbors and place — and get your shot!

David A. Nichols, Winfield

Worst president

I have lived as a result of the administration of 14 different presidents, from FDR to Joe Biden.

I have normally imagined that of these presidents, Lyndon Johnson was the quite worst president in my lifetime. His Good Modern society, which initiated welfare, commenced numerous of the critical troubles we have today like the lower in many individual’s self-picture and do the job ethic to the entitlement mind-set that is so prevalent in our culture.

The damage LBJ did, however, does not examine with the harm that Biden has completed in his 1st two months in workplace. I have by no means found this sort of an obvious and blatant grab for power or the equally apparent and blatant force toward socialism.

I definitely do not have an understanding of why there is not a enormous go towards impeachment, except that those people with the electricity to do that are probably a lot more frightened of Harris than they are of Biden. If they really do not spoil our nation in the subsequent two several years, all we can hope for is political reform and a wholesale turnover in Congress in 2022. What a mess we are in.

Don McCullough, Manhattan

Civics classes

The Legislature was suitable in necessitating passage of the U.S. Citizenship check for community faculty students. Although there can be no substitute for classes in U.S. Federal government and historical past, demanding analyze for and mastering the details information on the citizenship exam adds an extra layer onto one’s proficiency in civics. We have way too very little civic education in the United States.

Requiring this examination sends a information to the public that knowledge of the political procedure is just as vital, if not extra vital, than passing Algebra I. My only criticism of the citizenship examination is it fails to incorporate at the very least a handful of queries on economics., community law, sociology, other cultures and geography.

Jim Phillips, Wichita