Remember Eric’s iconic 1969 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser from “That ’70s Show?” It belongs to Fez now.

Well, Wilmer Valderrama, to be exact.

The 40-year-old actor – who played the foreign exchange student on the sitcom that ran for eight seasons from 1998-2006 – appeared on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and mentioned that he’s the proud owner of the piece of memorabilia.

“It was towards the end of the show, we were in the last season of ’70s Show and I went straight to the props department and I go, ‘Listen, how much for the Vista Cruiser?'” Valderrama explained.

“He goes, ‘What? You don’t want that thing.’ I go, ‘Yes I do. I need the Vista Cruiser.’ They said 500 bucks, so I bought the Vista Cruiser for 500 bucks from our props department,” the car enthusiast added.

The cast often drove around in the car, which is also featured in the show’s signature intro.

Valderrama elaborated that his dream as a child was to be so successful that he could “get that car that just sits in the garage with the battery dead.”

And he did just that.

Even after all this time, he couldn’t be happier with his prop purchase because it’s a pleasant blast from the past.

“Honestly, it’s the best thing I’ve ever acquired for my whole career,” he said, adding, “When I look at that car, it reminds me of when I was 17, 18 years old, booking “That ’70s Show” and doing that opening sequence where we’re just driving. And honestly, it’s gonna be in my family forever. I’m gonna put it in my will to make sure that my kids have the burden of keeping that car in the garage, you know?”

Earlier this week, Valderrama praised his ex-girlfriend, Demi Lovato, who stars opposite him in the animated film “Charming” on Netflix.

The film, which was co-produced by the actor, was initially released in theaters overseas in 2018 and finally saw its U.S.-debut.

Valderrama voices Prince Charming while Lovato voices a jewel thief named Lenore who captures his heart.

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